Fantastic way to get FREE worktops with your kitchen in 2021

Worktops, the workhorse of any kitchen, need to be both tough and practical to use as well as stylish.

While cabinetry and furniture will always be the main design decision you’ll make for your kitchen, you must not underestimate the impact your worktop choice can have on your overall scheme. Along with your flooring, your worktops sit on a horizontal plane, with prominence, so it’s vital to give a lot of consideration and choose wisely.

Thousands of people have identified a way fantastic way for their worktops to be included in their design, for FREE.

Worktop materials have undergone drastic changes over the last 10 years, suiting all budgets with a vast range of choices. The technology behind these improvements has resulted in super tough materials virtually indestructible within the busiest homes. Trends continuing for open-plan layouts and living room style kitchens has encouraged and led to the introduction of luxe materials for those looking for something extra.

In the list below is a number of factors to consider before choosing your worktop.

Look at your kitchen layout

If your layout is clear and has already been decided then it can give you a good indication as to what worktop might suit best. A straight run is always cheaper and easier to install, while seamless materials such as quartz make sense if there are a number of corners.

Choosing your profile

The thickness of a worktop can alter the look of a kitchen. Thinner profiles of 10-20mm are popular in contemporary designs as well as combining with a thick edge breakfast bar for contrast. Thick profiles, especially with wooden designs, will always be a popular choice.

The standard thickness of a worktop is normally 30mm.

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What is the best kitchen worktop material?

There is not a conclusive answer as to which worktop is the best, it is all dependant on the individual. The most popular materials for kitchens worktops are; laminate, granite and composite, each having different advantages. It’s important to look at all the factors involved before choosing to ensure your worktops is tailored to your needs.

Worktops are available at a variety of price points, a major factor when making your decision. This is where thousands of people have found a way to get their worktops completely FREE with their chosen kitchen design.

Composite worktops

What is a composite worktop?
Made from about 90% natural quartz crystals mixed with a small percentage of binders, and referred to as both ‘quartz composite’ and ‘engineered stone’, this material is very tough, virtually non-porous and resistant to scratches, stains, heat damage and impact, and often comes with a long warranty. It also offers consistent composition, so unlike natural stone, there won’t be variation in veining and colour shading.

Best used
A very practical and beautiful choice that can be used anywhere, including next to hobs and around the sink.

Best look
Dramatic colours such as dark grey and blue look fabulous in modern and contemporary kitchens. If your room design is quite traditional, stick to neutrals such as cream.

How durable is a composite worktop?
Composite is very tough and more durable than many natural stones. As the colour runs right the way through the material, any scratches can be sanded out. In the very unlikely case that your composite surface is scratched, chipped or stained it can often be repaired by a specialist. However, it is easier to achieve perfect restoration with acrylic composites as scratches can be sanded out, while quartz is more likely to be filled and any polishing can leave a dull area.


Laminate worktops

What is a laminate worktop?
Long-considered the best budget option, laminates are non-porous, offer easy maintenance and come in lots of design and colour choices. Made by fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure temperature, bonded to a substrate, they are resistant to impact, scratching and moisture.

Best used
General usage, including food preparation areas, sink runs and around hobs and cookers.

Best look
Can accurately mimic other worktop materials, including granite, slate and wood, so will suit modern and traditional schemes.

How durable is a laminate worktop?
Resistant to most stains and chemicals, but not to heat or steam. Not suitable as a cutting surface. Choose a thicker, high-pressure worktop for greater durability.


Granite worktops

What is a granite worktop?
For some, nothing beats the beauty of natural stone, its veining and colouring unique to each slab. Marbles are classically beautiful and luxurious, tend to be rarer and therefore more expensive.

Best used
Any area of the kitchen, including around the sink and next to the hob or oven. A large expanse of glossy granite makes a striking island worktop

Best look
It’s a luxury material that never falls out of fashion and suits traditional and modern styles. Choose from a classic polished finish, or a honed matt for a more contemporary look.

How durable is a composite worktop?
Granite is hard and resistant to heat and scratches, but it must be treated with respect to prevent damage. The best of all the natural materials, it can withstand high temperatures, is water resistant and impervious to most stains, but wine and citric acids must be cleaned up at once to avoid damaging the stone. and will usually need to be protected by a special sealant.

Final decision

The right worktop for your new kitchen is a big decision, so don’t be afraid to take your time choosing, visit showrooms and get a feel for each of the listed materials to see what best suits your needs. The kitchen is the heart of the home, therefore it’s got to be right.