34 Years in Business – Our Story

DM Design is pleased to be celebrating 34 years in the home improvements industry . Founded in 1984 by Managing Director Donald Macleod and his wife Ann. DM Design has grown over the years from a true family start up with the first base for business working out of the family garage to their state of the art manufacturing facility in Cumbernauld where kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms are custom built to order.

In 1984, Mr Macleod was the only original employee, acting as a one man band and embodying true entrepreneurial spirit, he sold, purchased materials, manufactured and installed fitted bedrooms. Often working 7 days a week !

After three months, it became apparent that a workshop was required in order to meet the growing demand for orders and if the business was to expand and develop. We then opened our first workshop in Westfield Industrial Estate, where we remain today, albeit in different premises. From this base, the business grew over the years which led to employing more staff, mainly in manufacturing, leaving Mr Macleod to focus on selling, installing and driving the business forward.

In 1985, after only 12 months of business DM Design attended and launched their products at The Ideal Home Exhibition in the Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

Image credit: https://www.idealhomeshow.co.uk/about-us

That same year saw the company start to design, build and install fitted kitchens and with this came the need for new premises to accommodate the office and sales staff who were now in place.

The Business was thriving and five years later it was decided the time was right for DM Design to move onto the project of designing, building and kitting out their own custom built factory and showroom. In 1993 the purpose build factory was completed and the company made a smooth transition into their new premises where we remain today.

Over the next few years DM Design continued to grow and branches opened throughout Scotland with showrooms in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Rivergate, and Cumbernauld. With such a success in Scotland the company opened up the marketplace in England and has never looked back.

DM Design even opened their own purpose built Granite Manufacturing facility in 2011, DM Design are able to cut and manufacture granite & quartz custom made for each customer. By having this facility we are able to significantly reduce costs for the customers without jeopardising the quality of the product.

Throughout all this Mr Macleod has striven to achieve the best standards in all aspects, from employee satisfaction to customer service and quality. Being in business for so long has also led Mr Macleod to realise the need to constantly progress and move forward. DM Design even supports it’s very own apprentice programme where we help shape the generation of the future. (or maybe they help keep us in shape? 🙂 )

We have also recently started our own in house marketing department to ensure we are constantly keeping up with the times. Proof of this achievement can be seen in our reviews and loyalty can be seen by several employees who have been with the company for over 20 years with some from the very start.

To celebrate 34 years in business Mr McLeod would like to show his appreciation by offering 34% off on all kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms fitted during the month of October. To take advantage of this offer book your free design appointment today >>>

You could change the colour of accessories and artwork according to your mood; season and fashions.

Many different colours can be used with the furniture showed here, however to use a light colour, like the pink I have used for the bed, as dominant colour, will allow you to use other darker colours to give some drama, like the teal cushions I have added on the bed.”

“If you want to use just one item as accent remember to use a bold dark colour; this really makes a statement against a neutral surface. Blue, red and emerald green are terrific against a creamy wall; red, pink, orange and blue are perfect with grey as neutral colour.

When choosing the colours for your room try to use the colour chart so you have a better idea which colours go well together. However remember to keep the same colour scheme throughout the room; to create harmony.

We provided Silvia with the larger furniture items in her room set. Silvia shared her opinion on these too:

With regards to a small room, DM Design furniture has many storage solutions in it to allow you to keep as many items as you require. Big furniture like the bed I used for the roomset will make your room appear more spacious than it is, but do not add too many pieces of furniture. Less is more in this situation, one big piece of furniture plus one or two small ones will be perfect for a small room.

Some advice from our designers would be to go for fitted furniture when you have a small space. By doing this you can create the maximum amount of storage possible whilst using space that you may not have considered before. A good example of this would be the now back-in-fashion built-in bridging units above your bed. This is prime space that normally just lies open. Visit our Pinterest Board for some images of this in action.

Another tip would be to go for sliding robes. These also make a space feel more spacious as you do not need to open the door up into your bedroom.

From a design perspective, if you are ordering bespoke units, get a bit creative! Make use of different textures and colours like the ones we used on this set at the Ideal Home Show to create interest. By using Cashmere as the base colour and then adding some Coco Bolo wood as a strip on the cabinet as well as inside the hollows in the bed frame we created something totally unique that could flow through the room. To view our full range of sliding robes, why not pop into a showroom?

Every room, no matter the size, can be beautiful as well as functional. Follow Silvia Casa Colori on Twitter for more design inspiration! Or, if you are ready to take the leap and looking for the best way to maximise your space, why not book a free design consultation today 😉

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