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Recently I read an article with some interesting facts on kitchen suppliers not meeting the needs of elderly or disabled customers.  Here at DM Design we always have our customers’ needs at the forefront of what we do and we are proud to say with our custom kitchens we can accommodate a wide variety of needs for all of our customers not only in Kitchens but bedrooms and bathrooms too.

Custom Kitchens

In our custom kitchens range the vast majority of our doors can be adapted to suit. We are able to provide lower worktops throughout the kitchen or design areas of the kitchen with lower worktop spaces.

With custom kitchens we are able to provide handy storage solutions that are designed specifically to the needs of our customers. In lower cabinets of a kitchen, we are able to optimise the space and design the right custom kitchens for you.  Accessories such as our corner unit organisers can be attached to the doors, as the door is opened the organiser reveals the content of the cupboard as the shelf is pulled out. This saves anyone bending down to get to those hard to reach areas in the depth of the cupboard and displays the content of your cupboard nicely.

Another problem facing some customers is that some built in ovens are often too high, or possibly too far away from the food preparation area, Our trained designers will be able to design custom kitchens just for you, they will help point you in the right direction as to the best places to put your ovens. You may want ovens built under your hob for easy access but if the bending down is starting to be a struggle we suggest you opt for a built in one which can be fitted to the height you need it, You can also use a warming tray below these ovens to give an extra hand as foods come out the oven, place  on the warming tray underneath to help before plating up.

By having custom kitchens we are also able to provide solutions for wall cabinets, Blum have developed technology for opening and closing wall units with the touch of a button. This nifty innovation is able to help so many people with a range of needs without compromising the overall look of your kitchen.

We are always looking to extend our range of ‘helping hand’ accessories.  If these is something you think could help you in your kitchen, speak to one of our designers. If we do not have stock of any item we will be more than happy to source it for you.

Custom kitchens designed and fitted to meet your requirements can make your kitchen experiences far easier and much more enjoyable.

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