Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops – Maintenance Tips

How to Maintain Your Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops. Most home-owners dream of living in modern and updated homes where kitchen granite worktops are…

Keep Your Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops in Great Condition…

How to Maintain Your Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops. Most home-owners dream of living in modern and updated homes where kitchen granite worktops are quite common. Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops can help you make a solid statement. However, it may seem a nightmare to maintain and clean. Although fairly scratch and heat resistant, granit can be a very sensitive material. When it comes to maintenance, granite is not much different from wood and glass.

A lot of home-owners assume that granite can be easily maintained with all-purpose detergents and cleaners in the market. However, such cleaners contain a lot of harsh chemicals, including ammonia. These chemicals can damage and scratch the granite’s surface.

Maintaining Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops. When you’re getting granite worktops for your kitchen, it is important to inquire if they have been properly sealed. If your worktop has not been sealed, you need to consult a professional and get a high quality food grade seal. The professional will properly apply the seal on the worktop. During installation, you need to inquire how frequently your worktop will need to be resealed.

Other tips for maintaining your Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops have been discussed below :

Hot Pads and Trivets – It is always better to utilize hot pads and trivets while setting hot pans on your granite worktop. Even while using other utensils that may scratch the surface, you should use hot pads and trivets. It is also important to wipe all spills immediately. You should use dish soap and warm water.

Acetone for Oil Based Stains – Oil based stains should be removed with acetone, bleach, mineral spirtis or ammonia with water. If you notice any food stains, you should use hydrogen peroxide with a few drops of ammonia. Once you have used these substances, you should clean the kitchen granite worktops with dish soap and warm water. Wipe the worktop with a soft cloth. It is better to use fiber cloths for the perfect finish.

Regular Checks for Dirt – It is never easy to notice dirt on granite worktops. Thus, you should regularly check the surface before cleaning. You can also hire professionals to conduct regular checks and assessments. Professionals use high quality microfiber cloth. It is a safer alternative than scratchy and rough paper towels.

pH Balanced Cleaner – As mentioned earlier, standard detergents and cleaners can damage your Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops. You should always use a pH balanced cleaner. It will help you eliminate dirt and stains without damaging your worktop.

You can also use isopropyl rubbing alcohol to make the surface germ free. It will also bring a new shine to your worktop. When it comes to kitchen granite worktops, dirty spots and stains can hide within the design of the worktop. You should regularly check for any problems.

Install Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops in Your Home…

A Designer Kitchen Granite Worktops can be a beautiful and luxurious accent to your home. It can look good for a long time, and make your kitchen look more appealing. You just need to make sure spills and dirty spots are cleaned promptly. Consulting professionals will be your best choice to maintain your worktop in prime condition. You can look for a professional service online.

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