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A kitchen is a purchase you should consider very carefully. A designer kitchen should last you for many years and add value to your home, so be wary of the “in right now” fitted kitchen when selecting your style and finish.

A new designer kitchen is a big investment in your home, and unless you have budgeted to re-model again in less than 5 years, be wary of being too “on trend”, pick something that you will be happy with for many years!

When getting a designer kitchen think of your priorities, your budget, and try to think ahead.

How long will you be in your home? If you are planning to sell in a few years, think about a more classic style that will appeal to the full spectrum of potential buyers.

You should be conscious of the period and style of your house. Make sure your fitted designer kitchen choice compliments the house, or you could be left with a room that jars with the aura of the building.

If you want an up to the minute “hot right now” designer kitchen, in a striking colour or unusual design, great! There are some fantastic and stunning choices out there, which will wow your visitors and make your home look like it has, stepped off the pages of a home and interiror magazine! But make sure you are prepared for fashions to change. Be sure you have the budget to re-model when you may want to, which will likely be sooner than the life-span of your kitchen in terms of the quality of the furniture. Be realistic when you are considering this – try to think with your head and your heart!

 At DM Design we select our ranges to keep right up to date with interior fashions, and our designer kitchen ranges includes some of the latest features and colours.

However, we are very aware that the majority of customers want to make a considered investment in their home, and we have a great selection of kitchen doors and features which are inspired by the latest trends, but hold on to a more classic look and feel.

Also, if you are keen to try something a bit out of the ordinary, like this gloss green finish, why not use it as a “feature” unit or door within a more conventional coloured kitchen? That way, you can add a bit of “wow” factor and create a truly unique design, but without the risk of committing to a designer kitchen which might date before it is paid for!

The two main things to think about are your priorities, and your budget? As long as you have considered those, then be creative with your choices as much as you can and we are here to help at DM Design.

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