Fitted Bedroom makes sleeping easy

You may have noticed that sleep deprivation has played a big part in the news recently. It was quite a shock to hear that a lack of sleep can cause some serious health issues from increasing your risk of heart attacks to premature aging.

Being a company who produce bespoke fitted bedroom s I wanted to look into how we could help.

So I looked into this further, looking to understand, how can having a fitted bedroom effect the way you sleep?  Scientists have proved that a variety of factors in your fitted bedroom have an effect on how well we sleep, these can include: light, noise, temperature, comfort and distractions.



Light can come from alarm clocks to electronic devices even light from outside with poor furnishings can have an effect. To help you get the best sleep it is recommended your room is as dark as possible, try covering lights of alarms, turn TVs off or even better design your fitted bedroom so that your TV can be put behind a closed door or your alarm clock can be recessed or placed on a shelf. If you were to follow all guides they recommend you have nothing electrical in the room, but that is not going to be very easy in today’s society. I know I certainly need my alarm clock or phone to wake up in the morning!


Your surroundings and noise can also be a massive factor in getting to sleep. Your surroundings will vary depending on your location. An urban property will have more frequent traffic to a rural property. Some people find playing music soothing where as others need complete silence. You need to figure which is best for you, if you need to drown out unwanted noises from the street try using heavy curtains, and simple things like making sure doors & windows are closed tight will help in your fitted bedroom.


This one is a toughie; everyone is different when it comes to temperature comfort. This particular factor is one you are going to have to figure out on your own, Try adjusting the thermostat of your heating, using thicker/thinner duvets or even the materials of the duvet covers and mattresses can be effect the temperature of your bed, be comfortable in your fitted bedroom.


For this the guidance is to make your fitted bedroom “inviting” having a good mattress is just as important as having good pillows and duvet covers. It is also recommended you use your bed only for sleeping, If you are in the habit of sitting in your bed watching TV or finishing off work or for kids & students, doing homework and chatting to friends, your brain takes longer to register that it is time for sleeping and relaxing.


In todays’ society electronics play a big part in our everyday lives. Research shows that having electronic devices in your fitted bedroom is one of the main influences in keeping us awake or disturbing our sleep. Clutter is also one of the big influences, by having a tidy, clutter free bedroom it helps us to relax, “a cluttered room means a cluttered mind”.  This is a factor we can help with. By using fitted furniture this gives your room its full potential of storage space.  You are able to have a tidy bedroom to help you relax and have a better sleep.


By considering all of these factors’ and utilising your fitted bedroom to its full potential you are able have a much better sleep. Why not visit our Fitted Bedroom or Bedroom Range pages and find out more about the wide range of bedroom designs DM Design offer?

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