Glasgow 2014 – The countdown is over

So today is the day Scotland has been waiting for! Tonight we get to see the Opening Ceremony of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games!

The Glasgow 2014 Baton has been on its journey around the Commonwealth and has arrived in Glasgow ahead of the celebrations in Celtic Park tonight.

I was one of the unlucky few who didn’t manage to get a ticket and will be leaving the office sharp to get home in time to watch the opening ceremony unfold on TV. The organisers have managed to keep the details of tonight’s ceremony top secret. The thousands of volunteers have been practicing hard through earphones so onlookers can’t even hear what music will be used! All performers have been sworn to secrecy which makes it all the more exciting for me anyway. It must be good if the organisers are going to such lengths to keep things under wraps.


Glasgow is buzzing with various activities across the city and beyond, the Glasgow 2014 atmosphere is rippling throughout the country. And to top it all off the sun has got its hat on!

The friendly city is now full of visitors from across the 71 countries of the commonwealth coming along to show their support to their country. George square is a hub of activity with the official merchandise superstore here, along with the HUGE sculpture of the Glasgow 2014 logo sitting in the middle of the square, which has had a lot of attention on social media with #TheBigG Selfie proving to be popular on Twitter. Research tells me there are 25 different sculptures of Clyde the mascot around the city with almost a treasure hunt to find them. With the weather being nice I may have to take them up on this challenge and find all 25.

It’s these things in the city that in my opinion is making the games the best they can be!  Yes you will have locals complaining about the traffic and how it’s more difficult to get to work and as for us with many streets in Glasgow now permit only, getting our designers or even our fitting teams in may be a little more difficult than usual… but when you take a step back from all that and look around, its brilliant for Glasgow. It’s only a few weeks it’s going to be a nascence but come out of the office at lunchtime and soak up the atmosphere, that’s what makes Glasgow 2014 so special.

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