Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets are everywhere these days, stop for a moment and look around you. Technology has swiftly evolved over the past few years and now it is taking over our homes.

Every year there are more advanced forms of kitchen gadgets through new technology which are developed to help us in our busy day to day life.  Every year these is a show called the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), This is one of the biggest showcases of new gadgets and technology. This year I followed the show on social media and have highlighted a few of my favourite up and coming kitchen gadgets developed to help us around the kitchen, Most of these are not available in the UK yet but watch this space…

Kitchen Gadgets Slow cooking to a whole new level

Belkin have announced the next edition of the WeMo family will be the new crockpot.


When it comes to kitchen gadgets the WeMo automated slow cooker is controlled by your iOS or Android smartphone, allowing you to remotely turn the device on/ off or change the temperature from anywhere, It also has the functionality for you to receive reminders to your smartphone. But If that’s too much there is the option of manual controls.

 Kitchen Gadgets Homechat the next big thing?

LG also used the CES conference to announce their line of home appliance. Kitchen gadgets that are enabled with ‘HomeChat’

This new technology allows you to communicate with your kitchen gadgets through your smartphone. The range includes new Fridges, Ovens, Washers and Dryers. When I first came across these I scrolled through pages and pages trying to find out more about this product. Its gadgets like this i think would be beneficial.

This range was by far the one which caught my attention the most.

An example of how this technology works… you are in the supermarket and can’t remember what you have in the fridge, you can send a message to your fridge asking “what items are reaching expiration date?” you will get a speedy reply with the information you need. Or better yet, Amidst the morning rush you get to work and can’t remember if you put the washing machine on, text asking “what are you doing?” and get a instant response on your washing machines status and how long your cycle has left to run. For a busy family its kitchen gadgets like this that could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for.

 Money Saving kitchen gadgets

Samsung released their new ‘Food Showcase Refrigerator

This has got to be one of my favourite kitchen gadgets. I don’t know about you but my family are in a bad habit of just looking in the fridge to see what’s there,  looking to see if there’s been any treats added since we checked a half hour ago…

Well this new fridge could help. My understanding is that the fridge has two doors, the first just like a normal fridge, the second is see-through, which also has handy trays for quick items like kids juice, sauces etc. This allows you to see what you have in there but doesn’t allow the cool air out, therefore making it more efficient, and saving you money!

The two doors are operated by levers discreetly placed at the back of the handle allowing you to choose which part of the fridge you would like to open.

The show was full of exciting new kitchen gadgets for the whole house but I have particularly concentrated on Kitchen gadgets highlights

Most of these gadgets will take some time to reach us here in Britain and are set to be pretty costly, but how soon do you think these new technologies will take before becoming ‘standard’ in the kitchen?

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