New Kitchen – Plan For Enough Power Points

New Kitchen – Plan For Enough Power Points. When designing your new kitchen…

New Kitchen – Plan For Enough Power Points. When designing your new kitchen, it is important to know that you have to be very careful about where power points will be placed in the room. This is because it is one of the rooms that probably has most electrical appliances thus you need to be generous with this electrical points. However before you start placing them in the room, you have to look at building regulations in your state. For instance, they need to be a certain distance from the sink. Other tips you should work with include:

Think about kitchen appliances. You need to first start thinking about the major kitchen appliances that will be used in your kitchen such as freezer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, cook top and oven among many others. You also need to consider other small appliances like the coffee machine, toaster, kettle and slow cooker. New Kitchen – Plan For Enough Power Points. You need to know where the appliances will be used in the kitchen as this will be your guideline on the strategic places to place the power points. Keep in mind that they may need to be used at different times thus you may think of putting up quad electrical points in some areas.

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Island kitchen bench. If the new kitchen has an island kitchen bench, power points can be installed on the sides but you have to be very careful with this especially if you have small kids in the house as they can pull the cords easily which can cause bad accidents depending on the appliance that has been plugged in. when the points do not have safety cover, the kids can also place their fingers in the socket holes and harm themselves. However, with this you can work with “pop Up” power points which come in a variety of designs and configurations.

Discreet electrical points. You may also want to think about a few discreet power points in the kitchen. This is where you can have them placed in locations such as under cupboards. These are great especially if you are looking to avoid cutting a powerpoint into clean lines of the incredible splash back. You should however know that they will take up some space when installed in the cupboard. If you do not have too much space in the new kitchen, you would be better of working with wall mounted sockets. Strips of plugs that are located under overhead cupboards is another style that can be used to hide the sockets.

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Depending on how you like your new kitchen to look like, you can opt to have them stand put by choosing bold colors or just pick a color that is the same as the background of the surface behind it so that they just blend in well without making a statement. It is recommended that you match the color of the power points with the ones of the splash back and you can always get an expert who will help you paint it. For all your power points needs and expert advice on positioning, do not hesitate to contact DM DESIGN Kitchens & Bedrooms and you will get all the help you need.

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