Space Saving Kitchens

Your Kitchen is the busiest room in the house without a doubt. So when your kitchen is smaller than you would like what do you do?

Space saving kitchens

Space saving kitchens are a must when it comes to having all the modern technologies & appliances and still having enough room to enjoy your kitchen.

Here at DM Design our designers are trained to design you a kitchen that looks great, and has everything you need.

Space Saving Kitchens appliances

If like most your kitchen homes your appliances and you don’t have the luxury of having a utility room then we recommend using integrated appliances. This way you kitchen can have the desired finish. The unbroken look of the kitchen helps create a cleaner, tidier and even bigger room.

Oven, Hob & Hood Combo

As you can see there is a combination for every shape or size of kitchen. The oven, hob & hood combination above makes great use out of a what would be useless corner of the kitchen,  When designing space saving kitchens think about what ‘dead’ space you are going to have and how you can use it by simply moving things around in your re-design.

 Storage Solutions

There are many different solutions in the market for little gadgets and gizmos to help you in your space saving kitchens which save space in your cupboards. You can get storage racks for getting that extra space from your shelving area. Or you could try one of the many different corner solutions available widely in the market, they provide an excellent way to utilise all the space of those tricky corner units. Personally, I have found that when I put things into corner units in my kitchen the things at the back are very hard to reach and often forgotten about, but with these accessories that is no longer a problem!

Slimline Space Saving Kitchens

Kitchen appliances are now being developed to save space and energy. So shop around when it comes to these, look at combi washer-dryers as a possibility or do you have space for both appliances. Slimline dishwashers will fit into smaller spaces giving you extra room for storage. When you think about it, the possibilities for space saving kitchens are endless.

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