Summer has arrived – So lets BBQ

You can tell summer has definitely arrived when you go outside and the smell of someone’s dinner  glides up your nose with the passing breeze. With summer now upon us, more and more people are having BBQ’s, and why not! Let’s make the best of the summertime. With forecasters telling us parts of the UK will reach temperatures of some of our favourite holiday destinations, what’s the need to go abroad?

Whether you are soaking up the rays in the garden this summer or have decided on taking the family on a camping trip everyone at some point wants a BBQ for dinner.

So to get you in the Summer mood here are my top 5 tips for having a BBQ.

5)   If you having a few people round, use disposable plates. Much easier on the tidying up! Your friends will understand, presentation is not everything, this gives you time to relax and not be worrying about the mountain of dishes that are waiting for you going into the kitchen.

4) Don’t forget a variety of condiments, not everyone has the same taste buds! You may not like brown sauce but your guests may, just get little bottles, that way if they want it there is some there, these will last through summer for future BBQ’s.

3) Think about side dishes. Have a think about what else people will want to eat, Here are some of my favourites to put on the table for a summer BBQ, Baked Potato, simple salad,  Potato Wedges, Cold Pasta Dishes, The list could go on. A simple google search helped me when I was looking for ideas.

2) Give a variety of foods. Not everyone just wants Burgers or skewers. Try adding some chicken dishes, or if you are looking to impress, put some steaks on. Maybe even some fish dishes if you are feeling adventurous.  These are some dishes you may want to give a little attention to in the kitchen before going outside. You don’t want to give guests food poisoning so by preparing chicken inside and putting in the oven to cook, place them on the BBQ to give it the unique summer BBQ taste and crispy coat but have peace of mind knowing they are cooked properly.

1) Don’t forget Pudding! My family like having a BBQ that can be transformed into a fire when we are finished eating, everyone sits around the fire having a chat and eventually its time for some nibbles. There has been no summer family BBQ gone past without BBQ Bananas on the fire.

Slice a banana down the middle, Keeping the skin on and stuff with chocolate and wrap tightly in tinfoil. Place on the BBQ/Fire remembering to continuously turn, When it has been on long enough for the chocolate to melt… Open up and enjoy, Be careful though, it will be very hot!

It helps having an organised kitchen when you are preparing all of this food, so be prepared, start with a blank canvas and tidy up as you are going along. It helps when everyone has gone home and you don’t have as much tidying up to do before heading to bed.

So lets all make the most of the summer months and enjoy the weather while it lasts!

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