The Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets for Stocking Fillers

At DM Design we always leave you with a perfectly fitted kitchen, which has been made and designed to your needs. As well as showing off your new DM Design kitchen at Christmas, it’s nice to show off some quirky gadgets at the same time.

Whether you are a regular party host over the festive period, or just looking to wow the chef or sommelier in your house, our expert team at DM Design have come up with a unique Top 10 list of must-have modern kitchen gadgets.

1. Food Huggers: LakeLand £9.99

We are all guilty of throwing out half cut fruit and veg, and putting them to waste. These Food Huggers will keep your food fresh for longer – they even have one shaped for avocados! Cheap and cheerful way to put a smile on the fruit and veg lovers in your life.
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2. Herb infuser: LoveTheSign £11.14

Herbs can often be the key ingredients to a soup or stew, but you can be left chewing the herb stems. This Herb Infuser is the answer, the colourful utensil will keep your herbs together without losing the all-important flavours to add to your festive concoctions.

3. Wine Tempour: PresentProvider £38.95

This gadget is for the sommeliers in the house. We all have that one family member who thinks they’re a wine connoisseur. This Wine Tempour’s built-in modular tool allows you to chill, filter and aerate any wine or spirit of your choice. This will definitely wow your guests!

4. A two-in-one lid and spoon holder: Amazon £6.29

This simple yet elegant kitchen tool noticeably reduces kitchen mess while cooking. If you can’t stand the thought of food splashes across your DM Design kitchen counter and cooker, this tool is a brilliant cleaning time-saver.

5. Onion Proof Goggles: Amazon £12.68

Not for the fashionably minded, however these practical goggles will make onion chopping enjoyable again – with no more tears.

6. A three-in-one Avocado tool: LakeLand £6.99

The avocado craze doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon and it was only a matter of time before a multi-purpose prep tool was designed for the popular superfood. This tool makes cutting, peeling and slicing an avocado that little bit easier. A must-have for all avocado fanatics!

7. Cutting Board with storage: £24.51

Christmas dinner preparations will be a breeze this year with this handy storage cutting board. The chic bamboo appearance makes it an attractive kitchen appliance in your sleek DM Design kitchen, and the multi-use storage function has made this chopping board a popular choice for those who dare to tackle the trials and tribulations of a festive feast.

8. Vegetable Spiralizer LakeLand £29.99

Calling all healthy eaters, this vegetable spiralizer will give you dinners that you never thought were possible from a carrot or courgette. If you are looking to lower your carb intake, swap the spaghetti for spiral vegetables with this simple and effective machine.

9. The “Aerolatte” to go Handheld Milk Frother

Everyone loves a coffee after dinner, instead of offering a “black coffee with milk” you can offer your guests a latte, or cappuccino. Barista style. This handy stainless steel whisk creates rich, creamy, frothed milk for coffees. Show off to your guests, and wow them with your coffee creations!

10. Egg Poacher Cups Amazon £7.95

No need for swirling water or vinegar for those perfectly poached eggs in the morning. These silicone pouches are easy to use and clean, and makes cooking eggciting again.

If you need more design inspiration for your home, check out our DM Design kitchen design page for expert advice and guidance. Remember, DM Design design to your desires.

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