World Cup – Hosting The Perfect Party

With the football World Cup only a matter of hours away, all eyes fall to Brazil for the biggest footballing event of the year. With such a hype around this tournament, both football fans and people just looking to soak up the environment are getting involved.  I have a feeling there are going to be a few Brazil themed parties around the UK.

Social media is bursting with excitement surrounding the World Cup so if anyone, like myself, is thinking of having a World Cup party I have decided to give my top 5 World Cup Party Ideas.

5) If you are having a viewing party, make sure you know the kick off times! Find a wall chart you can fill in as the tournament progresses so you know who is playing. Find a wall in your kitchen or stick it to your fridge to remind you. You could also make things interesting by having a World Cup sweepstake.

4) Make the party World Cup themed, You could decorate your house in a Brazilian theme, or you could use flags from all competing nations, get your guests involved by asking them to arrive fancy dressed or have some face painting and have guests paint the flags on each other’s faces. Perfect if you have kids around but also just as entertaining for adults!

3) Have some entertainment for half time; have a pop quiz surrounding the tournament, or if you have the space some football related sporting challenges (keep ups are my favourite)

2) To be the perfect World Cup party host you have got to put on the right spread, food and drinks are some of the most important aspects of any party. If you have a big kitchen use the space wisely, serve platters on anisland unit to give you extra prep space. Remember stick to your theme! Have Brazilian foods for your guests to nibble on, serve up some Brazilian cocktails (search around for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)  for some ideas

1) Have something your guests will remember, Looking through twitter I came across quite a lot of ‘different’ ideas for a world cup party.

My favourite has got to be this edible football stadium:

Not only a fantastic idea if you have kids around but family and friends of all ages will also appreciate the artistic skills gone into the making of this edible centrepiece.

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