Here at DM Design, we complete each one of our bespoke and fitted bedrooms with a selection of high-quality bedroom furniture.

Stylish and practical are two ways to perfectly describe all our bedroom furniture, as they enable you to make much better use of the space in the room in visually appealing ways.

This is especially seen from our choice of bespoke bedroom wardrobes. All of our wardrobes can be designed with classic, bifold or sliding doors, which look sublime and hardly take up any extra floor space — unlike hinged doors which usually require more room so that you can get into the wardrobe.

The wardrobes themselves can also be designed to deliver you with floor to ceiling storage, so that there is entirely no wasted space within your brand-new bedroom design. The inside of the wardrobes can be customised to incorporate a range of features, such as internal lighting, slide out shoe racks, mirrors, drawers, hanging rails at various lengths for different items of clothing and accessory trays. We are also entirely flexible when it comes to how many shelves or drawers you require, as well as if you are looking for single or double hanging setups.

Once you have your perfect wardrobes, be sure to complete your bedroom by selecting items from our incredible ranges of headboards, blanket boxes, bedside cabinets, chests of drawers and shelving units — all of which can be styled with matching designs to the themes you have selected for your bed and wardrobes.

Whichever of the bedroom furniture you select from us, rest assured that every item is custom made to the exact sizes and requirements that you request. After all, we strive to always provide you with the best possible storage and style solutions in the one room of the house where you want to go to relax.

Our bedroom experts are on hand to help you make the most of your bedroom space, so if you’d like more information on our bedroom storage options, or a free quote, get in touch with us today by either finding full contact details on our contact page or completing the simple form below to book your design appointment.


Why Choose DM Design?

  • DM Design offer bespoke services for all of your kitchen requirements.
  • Our designs are at the forefront of kitchen innovations.
  • Modern or traditional, with a range of designs to choose from, there is a kitchen for everyone.
  • To create your perfect kitchen, DM Design can advise you every step of the way.
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When it comes to large bedroom furniture, it’s all about flexibility and finding ways to use the storage for a range of purposes. Take a storage bench, for example – ideal for storing blankets and bed linen, but you can also incorporate a padded cushion on the top which transforms it into a stylish seat. Dressing tables and vanity units are also perfect for decluttering, as we can fit these with extra drawers or small cupboards so all your day-to-day items are readily available but hidden from sight.


For the smaller spaces in your room, finding the right size of storage can be difficult. If your bedside cabinet is too small, there’s the risk that you won’t be able to fit anything in it! However, you don’t want a bedside cabinet that’s too large and doesn’t fit next to your bed. That’s where we come in. We measure the space available and offer bedroom furniture solutions based on what can reasonably fit into your bedroom. So, whether that’s a bedside cabinet to keep books and medicine in, or open shelves to store your trinkets, we have the right storage option for you.